Pachter Predicts $250 PS3 in 2011

October 5, 2010Written by Kishen Patel

Popular gaming industry analyst, Michael Pachter, rose to fame through prediction and speculations of what’s to come in the world of video gaming. While the Wedbush-Morgan Securities analyst has been quiet as of late, only speaking every once in a while to state the obvious, Mr. Pach Attack is back with more price drop predictions.

To combat the gaming slump from the bad economy, Michael Pachter proposes that the three platform holders place a price drop on their respective platforms. As for the PlayStation 3, Pachter predicts that Sony will follow suit with the other platform holders with a $50 price reduction, bringing the cheapest SKU down to $250. With $50 price cuts across all three major consoles, Pachter believes software sales will rise by 5%. Will Pachter’s predictions come to fruition? Stay connected to PlayStation LifeStyle for the latest news on any PlayStation price drops and more.