Resistance Hero Nathan Hale Confirmed as a Casualty

October 18, 2010Written by Jonathan Leack

While many look toward Kratos, Solid Snake, and several Naughty Dog characters as the mascots of the PlayStation platform, Resistance‘s Nathan Hale has also gathered quite a following. Known for his courage in battling against the unrelenting Chimeran swarm, many have wondered if he will return in the sequel titled Resistance 3. Sadly, he may very well be a casualty of the swarm.

Game Informer’s November issue has revealed that Resistance hero Nathan Hale has perished. In a sad turn of events Hale was infected with the Chimeran virus and as a result was put down by none other than Joseph Capelli. Capelli will now return as the starting role of Resistance 3 and will fight to ensure that Hale didn’t die in vain.

The November issue of Game Informer is now available in stores and includes a wide-array of new Resistance 3 details.