VidZone Hits 500,000,000 Stream Milestone

October 26, 2010Written by Mike Hartnett

The PlayStation 3’s free on-demand music video service for Europe, VidZone, has just hit an incredible milestone and shows no sign of slowing down.

It was just over a year ago when Sony released the VidZone application for European PlayStation 3 users to enable free on-demand music video streaming at absolutely zero cost. Well, that model is proving to be quite effective, as SCEE (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe) has just confirmed that VidZone music videos have been streamed over half a billion times, with 3.7 million fans utilizing the service. VidZone is becoming as diverse and the folks that tune in to listen and view the latest jams, with over one-hundred themed channels available in addition to several artist specific channels.

Sony credits the success of VidZone through the utilization of specific Java technology which means less load times and silky smooth video streaming. The advertising used throughout VidZone is straightforward and simple, with the usual pre-video ads along with select sponsor areas, which add up to over 3 billion ad impressions.

So far, VidZone is EU-only, but hopefully, at some point, North American users can get a piece of the pie. Sony has mentioned that they do indeed want to bring a music video service to North America, perhaps within the next year, let’s just hope that idea becomes a reality.