Sony: PlayStation Move Selling Well in The UK

Sony’s PlayStation Move released at the end of September with a good bit of hype, but also with some skepticism on how well it will sell. Now the Japanese Electronics Giant has announced that the motion peripheral has enjoyed quite a good bit of success in the UK.

In an interview with MCV this is what SCE UK marketing director Alan Duncan said.

It is all about getting the device in people’s hands and we still need to keep doing that. It has been a real success for us, we’re pretty much through quarter of a million units and we expect to sell half a million before Christmas. And when you have half a million advocates showing it to their friends and family, you will soon learn if you have a success or not.

This is just a part of Sony’s strategy this year to target three audiences of gamers, social players and kids and families. The company has partnered with Turner, Disney, Nickelodeon and Channel 4, while the platform holder is also sponsoring both the Odeon and Cineworld kids club.

Alan Duncan also had this to say about this Christmas.

It is a key Christmas for PS3, and it has been a great year so far with platform sales up year-on-year.

And we’ve done that without a price drop or a new SKU. We’re still double the price of our competitors.

We have a really big Q1 coming up, and building the biggest install base we can to get ready for LittleBigPlanet 2, Motorstorm: Apocalypse and Killzone 3 is really important for us.

With Kinect releasing in just a few days and having such a huge marketing campaign behind it the PS Move may need all the head start it can get.