Dragon Age 2 Showcases New Gameplay at Igromir 2010

November 8, 2010Written by Jonathan Leack

Dragon Age 2 has been in production since the completion of its predecessor, and its announcement was replied to with thunderous joy from fans of the original. Few have had a chance to see the new game in action, but BioWare has promised significant changes in regards to gameplay mechanics. The latest footage from Russia’s Igromir 2010 convention displays the new combat in addition to an ogre and some fancy dialogue. Judging by the footage, the game seems to be following the path of Mass Effect 2 in terms of accessibility for the console environment at the expenditure of depth. Could this be what the series needs to make a strong impact on the RPG crowd?

Have a look at the latest gameplay of Dragon Age 2 from Igromir 2010 below: