Mass Effect 3 Seemingly Confirmed For the PS3 By SCEE Russia

The day Mass Effect 2 was confirmed by Bioware and EA for release on the PlayStation 3, PS3 fanboys went wild. After all, the game is the highest rated title ever released by Electronic Arts and one of the few series that we had hoped would make the journey to our favorite console of choice one day. With Spike TV’s VGA 2010 event planned for December 11th, a teaser for Bioware’s next title was shown and had fans guessing as to what it could be. It seems that the guessing game is over, if a recent tweet by SCEE Russia turns out to be true, it looks as if fans of ME won’t have to wait much longer for the first glimpse of Mass Effect 3.

While Bioware CEO Ray Muzyka talked about how Mass Effect 3 on the PS3 would make sense, this is the first (semi)confirmation that the ending of one of the most epic gaming sci-fi trilogies of all time will make it’s way to the PS3. The tweet (pictured below), when translated, read something like this:

The company Bioware for premium VGA showed a teaser in which we can see the first shots of Mass Effect 3.

So there you have it, unless something changes because of the leak (besides the fact that someone might no longer have a job at SCEE Russia) the first glimpse of Mass Effect 3 will be on December 11th.

Mass Effect 2 on the other hand, arrives on the PS3 January 2011, with an exclusive interactive comic book covering the events of the original Mass Effect and all the DLC that has been released for Bioware’s epic sequel in the series. My only question is this, will you be joining Shephard in his battle to save the galaxy?

[Picture courtesy of Ripten]