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PlayStation Release Horizon – Week of November 22, 2010

Get ready for a monstrous week. Although there are slim pickings in terms of quantity, the AAA title from Polyphony Digital that PS3 owners have been waiting for since long before the console’s release will finally come to fruition this week. Without further adieu, check out the list that includes perhaps the biggest PS3 title of the year for the link to purchase the game if you have not already.


  • Gran Turismo 5 (11/24)
    • Collector’s edition
  • Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom (11/23)
  • Splatterhouse (11/23)


  • Michael Jackson: The Experience (11/23)


  • No new releases

Please be advised that, while video game releases typically land on Tuesday, the obvious highlight of this week, Gran Turismo 5, slowly but surely races to store shelves on Wednesday November 24, 2010. Speaking of which, how many of you are picking up the biggest racing simulator of all time tomorrow and what edition? Tell us in the comments section below.