ESRB Reveals PSN Exclusive Racer

With over 60 million users, the PlayStation Network has grown from strength to strength, with the service recently receiving stellar titles such as Dead Nation and Kung Fu Live. Christmas looks set to keep up the pressure, with echochrome ii releasing later this month, and now, it looks like we could also be soon playing an exclusive Offroad Racing game on our PlayStation 3’s before the year’s end.

The Entertainment Software Ratings Board rates games that will be released soon in the United States across all platforms. They have now released a rating for a title, simply called “Racer Offroad“, with the rating only on the PS3. The description reveals some details about the unannounced game:

This is a racing simulation game in which players can select and drive a variety of off-road vehicles. Players avoid obstacles (e.g., falling rocks, loose barrels, hay bales) as they race around outdoor environments and beat opponents’ lap times.

While the title is not explicitly rated for the PSN, developer 2XL Games, Inc. have made download only games since Baja: Edge of Control released in 2008. Additionally, the game is self-published, something that is unlikely for a retail release.