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Demon’s Souls Online Servers Staying Online for A While to Come

December 20, 2010Written by Paulmichael Contreras

Games that have online features integrated so tightly such as in Demon’s Souls present a big problem. The developer or publisher, Atlus in this case, may take their servers offline once the game has been out for so long, essentially rendering the online portion of the game useless. However, it looks like fans of this game can rest easy, as Atlus has pledged online support well into 2011.

In a recently-spotted press release, Atlus has committed “to maintain the servers responsible for the game’s groundbreaking online interactivity to its second anniversary.” So that means the game will have online connectivity until at least October 6, 2011. Also mentioned in the press release is a new “Pure White World Tendency” event. Beginning today and running until early 2011, it will give new recruits to the game an easier time starting out. Hardcore fans were not left out, either, as the event offers “access to the many secrets and otherwise inaccessible paths unlocked by the tendency shift.” So anyone who gets or receives this game over the holidays can be assured they can enjoy the game (and by that, we mean cursing the gods of Boletaria) to its fullest at least until October 6th.