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dragon's crown pro release

Dragon’s Crown Pro Delayed Until February in Japan

The remaster will be pushed back a month.

atlus usa store

Atlus USA Launching New Online Store on Monday

Now you can grab Anime Expo merchandise without attending!

Dragons Crown Pro

View Beautiful 4K Screens of Dragon’s Crown Pro

New screenshots!

RPCS3 Persona 5 Takedown

Atlus Comments on RPCS3 Persona 5 Takedown (Update)

Atlus is going after the popular PS3 emulator.

dragons crown ps4 gameplay

Watch 10+ Minutes of Dragon’s Crown Pro Gameplay

It also has a release date.

13 Sentinels trailer

13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim Gets New Trailer, Comes Out Next Year

Are you excited?

studio zero

Studio Zero Isn’t Only Working on Project Re Fantasy

A new interview reveals the existence of a second project.

dragons crown ps4 gameplay

Dragon’s Crown PS4 Enhanced Port Leaked

Exciting news for Vanillaware fans.

Utawarerumono Mask of Truth Review

Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth Launch Trailer Prepares You for the End

Don’t worry about spoilers here.

Rock of Ages 2 Character Intros – The Art and History of the Ages

Dive into all the mythology and art that inspired Rock of Ages 2.

Rock of Ages II: Bigger & Boulder Review – Art History (PS4)

Travel through classic works of art.

Atlus Will Be Publishing Their Own Games in Europe Going Forward

About time.

Songs We Want In Persona 5: Dancing Star Night

What jazzy tunes do you want in the game?

Songs We Want in Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night

Mass Destruction!

rock of ages 2 release date

Rock of Ages 2 Crashing on the PS4 August 28

Get ready to rock, roll, and crash into your adversaries.

persona 3 dancing moon night 080817

Persona 3 and 5’s Dancing Games Will Not Have a Story Mode

You may have to keep wondering why the cast of these Persona games are having a dance-off.

RPCS3 Persona 5 Takedown

Persona 5 Helps Push SEGA’s Q1 Physical Sales Up as Digital Sales Decline

Persona 5 has shipped over 1.5m copies worldwide.

Persona 3 & Persona 5 Dancing Games Announced for PS4 and PS Vita in Japan

Watch the announcement trailers.

RPCS3 Persona 5 Takedown

Persona 5 Anime Announced for 2018, Watch the Teaser

More Makoto!

Persona 5 Sales Tops 1.8 Million Worldwide

Over 1.8 million gamers were told to go to bed.