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Atlus Revises Persona 5 Streaming Guidelines, Was Surprised By the Negative Reaction

You can now stream up to November 19.

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Digital Foundry: Persona 5’s PS4 Version Delivers a “Rock-Solid” Performance

PS3 version suffers from screen-tearing.

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Atlus Registers Multiple Persona Domains

Moar Persona!


Persona 5 Soundtrack and DLC Now Available, Accolades Trailer Released

Wake up, Get up, Get out there!


Persona 5 Spin-Offs That Need to Happen

Persona 5 has some serious spin-off potential.


The Caligula Effect Digital Launch Bundle Revealed, Costs $39.99/€39.99

It includes the game, swimsuit DLC, a theme, and some avatars.

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UK Sales Chart: Persona 5 Sees “By Far” the Biggest Launch in Franchise History

And Atlus gets their first ever #1.

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Persona 5 Has Shipped More Than 1.5 Million Copies Worldwide

At least 550,000 were shipped in Japan.

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Persona 5 Review – Out of Sight (PS4)

Spend a year in Tokyo.


The King of Fighters XIV Update 2.00 Detailed, DLC Characters Now Live

Buy all four characters together in a bundle to save some money.

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Atlus Releases Persona 5 Launch Trailer, Warning to Streamers

Atlus doesn’t want players spoiling the story.

Top 5 reasons why Persona 5 is a must play Featured

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Play Persona 5

Well, you really should!

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Persona 5 Doesn’t Have a Day One Patch, Free Japanese Audio DLC Is Live

Other free day one DLC includes the Merciless difficulty level.

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Here’s the Persona 5 Trophy List & 18 Minutes of Gameplay

Persona 5 is the highest-rated PS4 game of 2017 so far.


Persona 5 – Everything You Need to Know

The Phantom Thieves of Hearts have come in search of your free time and sanity.


Persona 5 Blocks Sharing on PS4, Full DLC Schedule Revealed

They want to keep spoilers to a minimum.


King of Fighters XIV DLC Characters Release Date Revealed, Rock Howard Joins Cast

Free stages incoming too!


Vanessa Is the Latest King of Fighters XIV DLC Character



Atlus Announces Spring 2017 LiveStream, Will Feature Upcoming Titles

More Radiant Historia info!