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PlayStation Phone to Hit as Early as Spring 2011

We’ve seen photos. We’ve seen video. While Sony themselves have been silent on all facets of the PlayStation Phone, it doesn’t mean that others are so quiet.

The PlayStation Phone is scheduled to hit North America and Europe has early as Spring of 2011 if Japan’s Asahi Shimbun newspaper is to be believed. The device will be based upon the PSPgo and will run the Google Android OS. The report did not mention any existence of a touchscreen, even though videos have shown such technology to be present and most Android handsets have some sort of touchscreen. In fact, the actual newspaper article ran a picture of the PSPgo while talking about the PlayStation Phone, since no “official” images have been released.

What about Japan, where the PSP is actually doing quite well (if not the PSPgo)? Asahi reports that the devices will be “starting out” in Western markets, but a Japanese launch only appears to be an afterthought. So it only looks like a matter of time before we get an official announcement on the PlayStation Phone, since it’s apparently coming out in the next three months. Stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle to find out about this mysterious device as soon as we know more.