New Uncharted 3 Gameplay Vid Heats Things Up

December 29, 2010Written by Adam Wolfe

Uncharted 3 is undoubtedly the most anticipated PS3 exclusive for 2011, and any new info is met with open arms. After much teasing, we finally got to see the first gameplay footage on Jimmy Fallon, and even though he didn’t do the game justice, it was nice to see. Then we got an uncut version of the same gameplay demo, and it was a sight to behold. Today, we got two new videos of a completely new section of the game.

The two new videos look to take place before the demo that we saw a few weeks back. There are a few minutes of gameplay before the house is set on fire, and then a bit more action as the house is coming down around them. It shows off a few new combat moves Drake has learned, as well as some interaction between Nate and Sully.

Check out the gameplay videos below:

Look for even more info and videos as we approach the November 1st, 2011 release date.