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Recent Uncharted Reboot and The Last of Us 3 Rumors Might Be False

Recent rumors pertaining to an Uncharted reboot and The Last of Us 3 might be false, if a tweet by Naughty Dog’s co-president Neil Druckmann is any indication. In a new year’s message to fans, Druckmann thanked fans for their support and cautioned them against believing insiders.

What insiders say about Uncharted reboot and The Last of Us 3

Known insider ViewerAnon, who has a pretty good reputation within the movie industry circles, claimed that The Last of Us 3 (or The Last of Us Part 3, whichever you prefer) has entered production and Neil Druckmann is at the helm once again. ViewerAnon also corroborated a previous report, claiming that an Uncharted reboot was in development outside of Naughty Dog.

“We got lots of cool stuff coming next year that we can’t wait to share with y’all,” Druckmann wrote. “Be wary of ‘insider’ info. Much of it is false.”

All we have confirmation of thus far is that Naughty Dog’s next project – whatever it may be – will have a team of writers as opposed to one or two writers.