SSX: Deadly Descent Details Slalom to the Public

January 9, 2011Written by Adam Wolfe

Prior to the VGA’s last month,we received word of a brand new SSX game called SSX: Deadly Decent, and then were treated to the teaser trailer the next day. However, for those that weren’t satisfied with simply a tease, today we have a large amount of new information on this extreme snowboarding game.

This month in EGM, we netted a batch of new details for SSX: Deadly Decent, including:

  • There will be 17 regions, consisting of upwards of 70 mountain ranges.
  • Each mountain is ridable on every side, a complete 360º of slopes.
  • There are five confirmed regions so far: Himalayas (split into two mountains, for now), Kilimanjaro, Siberia, Caucasus, The Alps.
  • Each mountain will have its own danger consisting of one of the following, thin air, ice, temperature.
  • You will be able to purchase/earn specific gear. This will be important as each piece of gear will be important to a certain danger/mountain.
  • There will be tracks in the game consisting of shortcuts, with some tracks being pinched together, while others intersect.
  • As for now, only Elise is confirmed to return to the game.

So far this is the only info that we have, but as we approach the expected Winter 2011 release date, there will be plenty more to offer.