Gearbox Says “There’s More” for Borderlands

It’s no secret that Gearbox wasn’t short of being thrilled about the overwhelming success of its treasure hunting shooter, Borderlands. The title, which now boasts a total for four awesome DLC packs, may seem more pampering if the speculations are correct.

In a recent interview with Now Gamer, Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford stated that the Borderlands franchise isn’t over yet, and that there was more that they “need to do.”

We were really excited to do more and the customers were really excited about more: We love what we’ve done with Borderlands and we know that there’s more that we need to do and that the customers are looking forward to. We know we’re not done with the franchise and we’ll be letting you know what we’re doing before too long.

However, it’s still not clear if Pitchford was giving nods towards the heavily rumored Borderworlds or if the original title will indeed receive a fifth DLC. After playing through the four DLC packs that have already been released, I’m really hoping that those new ideas cranking around at Gearbox will be applied to a much more improved sequel. Besides, I’m in dire need of fresh loot.