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Sony Preparing January 27th PSP2 Announcement in Tokyo

While the PlayStation Phone has stolen quite a bit of the limelight lately, don’t forget that the PSP2 is presently being developed. Dev units of the device have already begun making their way to various studios, and both plenty of pics and information have been leaked. It’s only a matter of time before it’s revealed… but how much time exactly? Sooner than anyone could have expected.

Due to real, reliable information being so scarce, many assumed that the successor to Sony’s PlayStation handheld would be held for an announcement at the E3 Expo later this year. Instead, industry sources are telling various outlets that Sony is holding a press event in Tokyo, Japan on January 27th. At the press event it’s said Sony will drop a PSP2 shaped bomb on the gaming industry.

This would actually be smart business strategy, considering the fact that the Nintendo 3DS is launching in Japan in March, and is likely going to eat away at the original PSP’s sales. Sony could effectively deter some of the excitement over the 3DS launch by announcing what could be a far more powerful device.

One thing is for sure — we’ll bring you all the information as it happens.