Shift 2 Unleashed Finalizes Tuning for March Release Date

Unlike previous generations, Gran Turismo isn’t the only racing simulator on the market anymore. Electronic Arts has split-off its Need for Speed franchise and introduced Shift, which is a new take on racing in all of your favorite supercars. The original Need for Speed: Shift was successful enough to warrant a sequel, Shift 2 Unleashed, and we’ve seen some impressive images so far. For those wondering when they can expect to get their hands on this fine sequel, the latest trailer is the best place to look.

A hot new trailer from EA has placed the release date for Shift 2 Unleashed on March 29th for North America, and March 25th for Europe. This further enhances what appears to be one of the most jam-packed years for gaming in history. All we need to do is hope that this title sticks to its first release date, unlike the dozens of others that have been pushed off several times already.

You can view the Shift 2 Unleashed trailer below: