Staggering New Silver PS3 Slims Prepare to Land in Japan

There’s no way around it, the PlayStation 3 is a slick-looking machine. Piano Black by far the most popular color, but other colors such as Gunmetal Grey and Classic White have made their way to the homes of some lucky individuals. Now Sony is throwing another staggering color into the mix.

A gorgeous new Satin Silver PlayStation 3 model will be releasing in Japan on March 10th. There will be both 160GB and 320GB variants made available, and each will retail for the same price as the currently-available models, but they’re marked as limited edition, so they’ll likely disappear before consumers know it. In addition, a vertical stand will be made available in a matching color so the horizontally impaired can get their vert-on.

Satin Silver was made available with the original PlayStation 3 “fat” version, and was also limited edition. Is this something you’d like to see make its way to North America or Europe? If so, voice your concerns in the comments below.