Details On Black Ops Zombie Ascension Map Pack

As expected, Activision’s Call of Duty: Black Ops is doing quite well sales-wise, in fact it has already set many records since its release. The game is the FPS to beat, keeping gamers fulfilled until the next Call of Duty is ready to hit.

But what is a player to do once they have completed the single player campaign? Simple, fire up the multiplayer mode and get ready for a fantastic experience. Within this mode there is a zombie game mode, and it alone may be the reason many have purchased the game over others. It is easily one of the most popular modes on the game. It was initially introduced by Treyarch back on the Call of Duty: World at War title, and they decided to let it make a return in Black Ops. This is why it is so easy to see why there is a map pack on the way for the zombie mode, and the details look like it is gonna be a lot of fun for those that decide to take the plunge and purchase it via the PlayStation Store.

The map pack places you in a G-Force testing facility, and once again you must go through several steps to fully unlock the entire map, which is difficult in doing itself. Throw in hordes of zombies, and you have yourself a frantic time trying to get everything unlocked within the map. Here are a few additions that come with the map pack:

  • Stamin-Up – Drink this for an added spring to your step, letting you sprint for longer periods of time – and do so with heavier weapons, too. Perfect for outpacing angry zombies on your trail.
  • Sickle – Damn zombies laughing off your knife lunges? Pick up the Sickle to cut the laughter short.
  • Matryoshka Dolls – Consider yourself lucky when these pop out of the Mystery Box. And no, it’s not a toy. Toss one out for a mean explosion that spits out more dolls…and thus more explosions.

These are just a couple of the new things in Ascension, be sure to give the map pack a look when it is released.