Mirror’s Edge 2 Reportedly on Hold

Despite the initial game failing to meet sales expectations, publisher EA believed that the Mirror’s Edge IP still had potential, with EA’s Patrick Soderlund confirming during E3 09 that a small team was working on a sequel. According to a report, however, Mirror’s Edge 2 has been put on hold by DICE.

The report claims that developer DICE has moved on from the sequel, consequently putting the yet-to-be-officially-revealed game on a “stalled” status. The reason was apparently due to an internal demo EA showed off and DICE decided to move on. Publisher EA refused to comment to VG247 on the report.

Mirror’s Edge managed to successfully blend free running with a unique first-person perspective, differentiating the game from other titles. So to hear a sequel for such a promising IP may have been put on hold is indeed a shame.

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