Sony Responds to January NPD Results with Pure Confidence

The January 2011 NPD results were finally revealed, and Sony made quite a showing with several key titles making the list. Although sales were down for the industry last month, Sony had no problem succeeding due to the likes of games such as LittleBigPlanet 2, and Dead Space 2. As usual, the company responded to such success in short order.

Shortly after the revealing of January’s NPD results, Patrick Seybold, Senior Director of Communications at Sony, issued the following confident statement:

January’s NPD numbers, reflecting a 25% increase in PS3 software sales, demonstrate continued momentum for the PlayStation ecosystem. As the only system with both stereoscopic 3D and precision motion controlled gaming, PlayStation is delivering a new era of immersive entertainment fueled by the industry’s strongest content lineup. Next week, with the arrival of one of the most anticipated titles of the year, Killzone 3, consumers’ expectations for exhilarating 3D graphics and fast-paced PlayStation Move action will be further elevated in living rooms around the world.

We’re knee-deep into February, and both Microsoft and Nintendo still haven’t shown any form of stopping power for Sony’s non-stop flow of quality titles. Killzone 3 comes out next week, followed by MLB 11: The Show, SOCOM 4, inFamous 2, Sorcery, Yakuza 4, PlayStation Move Heroes, and two collections in the form of The Tomb Raider Trilogy, and Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Trilogy, all within a few months of each other. Oh, and that isn’t including multiplatform titles which deserve an even larger list of their own.