Hacker Unlocks Jill Valentine in Marvel vs. Capcom 3

It has only been about a week since the release of Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and already hackers are making some pretty interesting discoveries. The latest of which includes one of our favorite characters from the Resident Evil series, Miss Jill Valentine.

It seems as though hackers have been getting nothing but bad press over the past two months, what with the PS3 security fiasco and the three-ring circus that is Geohot vs. Sony, we’ve almost forgotten that there are still hackers out there who wish not to necessarily exploit, but poke, prod and discover as well. That just happened to be the case this time, when hacker, or more aptly software engineer, Krisan Thyme discovered something quite interesting on the actual Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Blu-ray disc, once it was decrypted.

This was none-other than Resident Evil sweetheart, Jill Valentine. It seems that Capcom did indeed plan to complete the three-piece Resident Evil set in the game, but either didn’t have the time to do so, or decided to go ahead and make the remaining data required to unlock her part of an upcoming DLC package. Thyme had the following to say regarding the the newly discovered character:

Jill Valentine – In a Nutshell:

Her art assets are all there, for those curious. And yea, her moveset appears to be complete and in working order as well. Though before anyone cries out in anger at Capcom for placing DLC on the disc after knowing this, you might be very interested to know something else.. For one thing, although she has some voice work done and already on the disc, it appears as though she’s still -missing- a good portion of dialogue. Namely, she’s missing all of her tag-in vocals – she simply says nothing at the moment when she tags someone else in. Likewise it doesn’t seem anyone else has any tag-in dialogue done for her either!

Furthermore her assists are suspiciously quiet.. there’s no ending taunt to them at all, barely even an audible grunt to them actually. In fact, a lot of her voice work is notably low-volume.. Her winning battle taunt is almost indecipherable, she mutters it so softly. Jill also appears to be missing any form of victory blurb at the end of battle.. Likewise, although her moveset is complete (as mentioned above) there do appear to be what I’d call balancing issues.. Her Machine Gun Hyper is a good example.. It’s honestly just so horrifically terrible, that I have a hard time believing it’s finished. If it’s honestly done the way it is, then she’ll probably have one of the worst hypers in the game in her arsenal. (Which isn’t too flattering to say for a DLC character, is it?)

The long and short of it? She’s incomplete. A lot of her assets are there, yes that’s true.. But she’s missing some stuff as well, and could use a bit of polish to match the quality of everyone else on the roster. So if you’re paying for anything when you buy Jill in about a month.. It’s for whatever labor went into polishing her character and finishing her dialogue after the game itself went gold. (Which to me, is pretty fair.)

So it seems more like Capcom wasn’t able to complete Jill’s character in time, as opposed to including her full character on the disc as a launch-day DLC unlock, which is admirable. Thyme has also stated that Shuma-Gorath has been discovered, and that those pics will be posted in the next few days. Until then, check out the latest round of Jill Valentine pics below: