Catherine Won’t Be Stalking the US

If you’ve been waiting for Atlus and Team Persona’s sexy, yet strange-looking title to come stateside, prepare yourself to be thoroughly disappointed.

We’ve been reporting quite often on Catherine, due to the unusual nature of the game and the credentials of its developers for creating memorable and unique experiences. Unfortunately it seems there are no current plans to bring the erotic thriller to the US, according to a recent PR statement from Atlus’ US office. As told to BeefJack:

Catherine is a Japan-only game and there are no plans for a NA release at this time. Sorry about that!

This is unfortunate news indeed, as thus far the game has been well-received in Japan. Some reports have come in saying the game is too difficult, but this is nothing new for an Atlus game. Catherine is simply too bizarre to ignore, and it’s a shame the feeling isn’t mutual towards the US. However, the “at this time” portion of the quote gives small hope that they could eventually change their minds. Be sure that PlayStation LifeStyle will keep you posted if that happens!