Why Twisted Metal Missed GDC

With the events of GDC behind us, many were shocked to find out that the PlayStation 3 exclusive Twisted Metal didn’t make it to the show. David Jaffe, creative mind behind Twisted Metal, recently took to his blog and answered the burning question of why his game missed its GDC appointment.

Here is what Jaffe had to say on Twisted Metal at GDC on his blog:

We were actually going to unveil some new stuff at last week’s GDC (and the team busted ASS to get the build looking and playing AMAZING!)… but at the last minute we decided to pull it.

We all just felt that Twisted Metal is the kind of title that needs more attention and time than we would get by being sandwiched in between some of the MEGATON news announcements that dropped at last week’s show.

Jaffe continued:

For us, the next time we show off the game we want to really make it clear – to journalists and fans alike – that we feel we have something really fun and really special in today’s market.

Though it is sad to see that Twisted Metal was pulled at the last minute from appearing at the show, it is good to hear that Jaffe is definitely making progress on the game. Especially since he stated that there is “new game related info is coming very soon.” Who here was disappointed by the lack of a Twisted Metal presence at GDC this year?