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Cross Game Chat – GDC Dual Site Special Edition

March 11, 2011Written by Paulmichael Contreras

GDC is known for a couple of things. Networking and job opportunities for industry professionals in the world of gaming, new and upcoming game announcements, and technical sessions revolving around new technology and programming techniques. But perhaps some of the most memorable moments of the show come after a long, hard day of running from appointment to appointment. This is when we are given a chance to wind down with perhaps a bit too much to drink, and express our feelings in the form of a podcast!


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In the midst of GDC, the PlayStation LifeStyle crew got together with the folks from sister site Game Revolution to discuss the games we saw, people we met, and our general opinions on many aspects of this year’s show. Oh, and some of us were pretty drunk, with Paulmichael turning hilariously vocal while GR’s Daniel Bischoff attempted to keep the peace as he played the role of host. Get ready to laugh yourself stupid as you witness the effects of alcohol on some tired journalists mixed with the magic that is a business convention.