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Konami Becomes Proponent for Japanese Relief, Hideo Kojima Speaks

March 19, 2011Written by Jonathan Leack

It was a week ago that a devastating earthquake showed just how fragile our little planet is. The event impacted all facets of life, and the gaming industry was no exception; several games were delayed, and Konami shut down the Metal Gear Online servers to conserve energy. As a matter of fact, Konami is quickly becoming one of the biggest proponents for relief in Japan’s time of need.

Konami has launched a website called Together Japan, which is dedicated to the people of Japan  after the horrific events earlier in the week. The website includes some imagery, messages from several figures at Konami, as well as a thoughtful message from the one and only Hideo Kojima. Below is a rough translation of the message from Japanese to English.

“March 11, 2011 (Friday) Please pray for the souls of many people who say that you passed away along with a lot of sympathy for those affected by Niokimashite earthquake occurred in northeastern Pacific Ocean.

Our role through entertainment,

Cheering you all is to encourage people around the world.

We can help is just that.

Never previously experienced certainly

Is facing an unprecedented situation.

Still, abandoning hope, to dream the future,

To unity, let this revival in Japan for the next generation.

Affected areas, in Japan in the future, and themselves, smiling again.”

He then quotes a message from Snake, the protagonist from Metal Gear Solid.

“All who live come spring. I have hope.”

Konami has already donated a whopping 100 million yen, and is continuing to provide support to those in need. Continue to check back to Together Japan for further updates and messages from the kind people at Konami.