Kojima Productions Teasing an Announcement Next Week and Some People Think it’s Silent Hill

Kojima Productions tweeted out a picture of Head of Communications Aki Saito suggesting that the studio has some kind of announcement next week. Subtle (and not so subtle) clues within the picture have some fans hoping for a Silent Hill-related announcement, however unlikely that prospect may be. “Sorry to be silent everyone! I’ve been really busy lately…..I think I can say more soon about what we are going to…..” The tweet message trails off without any additional context, though an attached image has fans combing over every single detail.

Zooming in on the notepad in the image reveals the words “next week!” which is obviously pointing towards this announcement happening sometime next week. However, fans also latched onto the phrase “Sorry to be silent…,” specifically the word choice of “silent.” The pencil Saito is holding is also a “Pyramid” brand pencil, which some people think is a tease at Pyramid Head from the Silent Hill series.

The Silent Hill IP is still owned by Konami. Barring some kind of crazy IP transfer or unlikely partnership between Kojima and Konami, next week’s Kojima Productions announcement probably has nothing to do with the dormant horror series. Konami is aware that fans want to see Silent Hill return and is looking into the best ways to bring the franchise back.

There is a multitude of other possibilities. Kojima Productions could simply be getting ready for a marketing push on the PC version of Death Stranding, or it might be getting ready to reveal what’s coming next from the company. It could be connected to the mysterious 1917-style Death Stranding trailer that Kojima recently posted. Some have speculated that DLC for Death Stranding might be incoming. Back in December, Kojima also tweeted that he was beginning concept work on the next project. Such a project probably isn’t ready to be revealed just yet.

Hideo Kojima has talked a lot about what he wants to do in the future, including branching out to other media alongside gaming. The company was preparing to give game design philosophy talks at GDC but is one of the many companies that have now opted not to attend the March conference over health concerns surrounding coronavirus.

Whatever Kojima Productions is getting ready to talk about, we’ll know within the next week but don’t hold your breath for anything Silent Hill-related. Those teases are either intentional red herrings or unintended references that fans are looking far too deeply into.