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Rhythmic Trailer Gives Us Patapon Fever

The rhythm! The rhythm! Patapon is all about the rhythm, and in Patapon 3 a slew of new features await to get you and your army moving to the beat of the war drums.

Last time we reported on Patapon 3 it was with regards to the April story line, depicting how the little guys will open a mysterious and foreboding chest, releasing a new enemy upon the land. Now yet another trailer has been let loose as well, and this time it shows some of the new features we can expect to see in the game. Although they are only shown briefly, it gives a quick preview of what to expect from the new installment. In the video we can see a new Fever Mode that lets you energize your army, a new Patapon evolution system, and new forces to summon and help the cause.

If that wasn’t enough to get your Patapon fever going, then you’ll be glad to learn a new website has launched with the trailer as well. The site allows visitors to create their own wallpapers, and play a Patapon mini-game as well. Playing through the mini-game unlocks a special item for use when the game releases in a few weeks, so make a trip over there and grab it while you can! Patapon 3 is currently slated to release on April 12th in NA, with a European release yet to be announced.

[Via PSBlog]