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Sting’s Next PSP RPG is Gloria Union

Sting, most famous for cult RPGs such as Yggdra Union, Riviera: The Promised Land, and most recently in North America, Knights in the Nightmare, will once again team up with Atlus to let loose a portable RPG. This time around, it’s Gloria Union for PSP.

“Union” appears to be an ongoing series for Sting, as Yggdra Union was followed by Blaze Union, and now this. As this is a brand new announcement, there are not many solid details at this time. Hence, the story seems very bare-bones so far: a futuristic-yet-somehow-medieval civilization bears witness to many pirates chasing after a legendary crystal and its untold powers. Below are screenshots and the first bits of character art. The boy with the sword is Ishuto, and the girl with the ax is Pinga.

On Western shores, Yggdra Union made a decent name for itself on Game Boy Advance though its updated PSP version didn’t quite garner the same amount of attention. Its sequel, Blaze Union, did not reach North America, most likely due to poor market performance of Sting’s other PSP titles. The game comes out in Japan on June 23, with North American release somewhat unlikely, though stranger things have happened.