Turrets Pack a Painful Wallop in Portal 2

April 6, 2011Written by Tyler Minarik

Aperture Laboratories is determined to keep us interested in their experimentation with portals and other devices by releasing educational videos about their equipment. The latest of these has shown up, explaining why turrets are an essential part of the process.

If you’ve played through the original Portal game, there’s no doubt you’ll remember those pesky turrets strewn about the experimentation rooms. While at first they are a dangerous foe, clever test subjects quickly learn to use these bullet spewing devices to their advantage. Thus, they’ll be making a return in Portal 2, and with lovely designer skins too!

The video was originally accompanied by an important installation guide, which gives the very important warning: “DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REASON WITH YOUR HOME SAFETY TURRET”. This is sound advice indeed. Hopefully you’re ready to install your own “safety” turrets, and have secured a pre-order copy.  Portal 2 releases soon on April 19th in North America, and on the 21st in Europe and Australia.