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Odin Sphere Dev Tells History of Grand Knights on PSP

April 7, 2011Written by Heath Hindman

Developer Vanillaware (Odin Sphere, GrimGrimoire) and publisher Marvelous Entertainment (Half-Minute Hero, Rune Factory series) are now working together and showing off their next PSP title, Grand Knights History.

Described as a “fantasy RPG” and using a turn-based battle system, the game takes place in the world of Rystia. Three kingdoms are at war here (this may be a reference to the popular topic of the three-way war among the Chinese dynasties that serve as the subject of so many movies, books, and video games). King Fausel rules Longress, the “ancient kingdom.” Union, or the “Knights Kingdom” is ruled by King Leon, while Queen Muse oversees the kingdom of magic, called “Avalon”. These three rulers are also playable characters.

Producer Tomohiko Deguchi has said that Vanillaware is aiming quite high with its multiplayer goals, trying to do something unlike what’s been done before. He looks to blend online gaming with offline. The game is said to use real online play, but not necessarily the types gamers are used to, such as teaming with other players or punching them directly in the face. Players will supposedly be “connected in battle,” but other than those two methods, I’m having trouble picturing what he can be referring to. Details are still scarce on exactly what he means, but it might be interesting to see where he’s going with this. On that note, the maximum players for this game is apparently “infinity”, which should be amusing to see on the back of a box.

Turn-based combat will be a first for Vanillaware, best known for the action RPGs such as the Wii’s Muramasa and PS2’s Odin Sphere, as well as PS2 real-time strategy game GrimGrimoire. What won’t be a first is the signature art style Vaniallaware tends to bring to its games, as seen in these screenshots:

Grand Knights History is due out on Japanese PSPs some time in the summer of 2011. The game’s official website can be found here.