Xperia PLAY Becomes Gameloft’s Best Performing Android Platform

While the Xperia PLAY did suffer various launch problems, from a “freight issue” to a mobile provider pulling out from the launch due to bugs, the platform’s biggest publisher, Gameloft, has announced that the phone is “already a top device” in terms of game sales, beating out tough competition from other Android phones.

In an extensive interview with PlayStation LifeStyle, Julian Stocker, Managing Director for Gameloft revealed:

From what we’ve seen already over this weekend – the sales are very good.

In the very first weekend its already a top device for us in terms of number of games being sold, which is pretty amazing actually, because that means it must have sold in a reasonable number already over the weekend.

He added that the launch difficulties don’t seem to have harmed the sales:

Looking at the sales we’ve seen, I don’t think there’s any problem; it has actually overtaken pretty much all the other Android devices already.

Stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle for the full interview later today here.