Red Dead Redemption Pre-Order Bonus Coming As DLC Next Week

Since Red Dead Redemption‘s release last May, it has seen countless DLC packs, from small additions to complete new adventures. With the one year anniversary quickly approaching, Rockstar is prepping one last pack.

Rockstar has announced that the DLC packs that consumers received for pre-ordering Red Dead Redemption, will finally be making their way to PSN for the rest of us. Hitting PSN next week, you’ll be able to download the following packs:

  • The Deadly Assassin Outfit – This allows you to regenerate your Dead Eye meter twice as fast.
  • The Golden Guns Weapon Pack – When these weapons are equipped, you will gain fame quicker.
  • The War Horse – This is the best horse in the game, stronger and faster than any other you can find.

Each pack will run you $.99, so if you’re a veteran or a new comer the price should be just right.