gta 6 trailer date

GTA 6 Trailer Coming Next Week Confirms Rockstar

Rockstar Games has announced the date for the long-awaited first GTA 6 trailer.

GTA 6 trailer date

The GTA 6 trailer will premiere on Tuesday, December 5, at 9 AM PT.

The game will be set in a fictionalized version of Miami, which will bring players back to Vice City for the first time since the PSP game GTA: Vice City Stories. It will feature two protagonists.

It’s been a decade since GTA V was released, and five years since Rockstar’s last title, Red Dead Redemption 2, so anticipation, and frustration, have grown with the longest wait for a Grand Theft Auto game to date.

Not that GTA has been left behind. GTA V is the second best-selling video game of all time behind only Minecraft, with more than 185 million copies of the game sold during those ten years and three different console generations. Its GTA Online component has been a constant source of revenue for Rockstar and parent company Take Two in the past decade, despite a rough launch following GTA V’s September 17 launch in 2013.

Earlier this year, publisher Take-Two Interactive fueled speculations when it said it expected a record fiscal year in 2025. FY2025 will start in April 2024 and end in March 2025. Take-Two said it planned to launch “several groundbreaking titles” and if GTA 6 is one of those, the game could be out before March 2025.

GTA 6 was seen in action before, when hours of hacked pre-alpha gameplay footage were leaked from a network intrusion in 2022. The hack was investigated, and two UK teens were charged and convicted.