New Console Based Civilization Game Hinted At in Firaxis Games Job Listing

Since 1996, developer Firaxis Games have produced numerous award winning titles from the great mind of Sid Meier, notably the Civilization franchise. Civilisation, has always had a home on the PC, but back in 2008 the franchise made a terrific debut on current generation consoles with Civilization Revolution. Since then, the series has returned to the PC, but with Firaxis now hiring for console talent, could we once again see Civilization come to consoles?

Several job listings on Gamasutra are looking for developers to work on a new title on PS3 and 360 at Fireaxis. Little else is given away, so it may even be a new IP altogether. Civilization Revolution 2 could very well be a possibility, and with Kinect and Move gaining a sizeable following, its not too hard to suggest that the game could even include support for motion controls, considering they can mimic the mouse-based interface of a PC game.

Would you like to see Civilization return to consoles, are are you hoping for an entirely new Sid Meier’s IP? Let us know in the comments below.