Final Fantasy VI Joins Series Brethren on PSN

The PlayStation Network has been getting all kinds of old-school RPGs lately, with Legend of Mana and Xenogears arriving earlier this year and the future holding Chrono Cross and Final Fantasy V. Now, yet another of the biggest RPGs of the 1990’s is hopping in line, Final Fantasy VI.

This information comes via Shinji Hashimoto of Square Enix hitting up Twitter, who was the same source that revealed previous PSOne Classic announcements. Hashimoto says that this one comes due to a high number of requests from fans and is already set to arrive in the Japanese PSN store on April 20. Other regions will have to wait for further details.

Final Fantasy VI made its debut in North America under the title of “Final Fantasy III,” for Super Nintendo, named such because it was only the third in the series to make the swim, with the real parts II, III, and V having been left behind and IV being renamed to II. It’s rather confusing, which is one reason why it was nice to see Squaresoft axe the renaming when VII came out for the original PlayStation. Final Fantasy VI was re-released on PlayStation along with V as part of Final Fantasy Anthology, which is how it can be considered a PSOne Classic.

We’ll announce more info as it comes forth.