Global PSN Account Numbers Broken Down By Region

Around three weeks ago, Sony took the entire PlayStation Network offline when it was discovered that someone had made an illegal intrusion onto their platform. The PSN has been down ever since, with Sony slowly releasing information as they learned it in their investigation towards what happened. In a recent press event discussing the matter, the total number of accounts in various regions around the world have been given.

As can be seen thanks to 8-4 Ltd, countries/regions have PSN ID counts anywhere from the thousands to millions. In total, there are over 77 million registered accounts, over 31 million created in the United States alone. Great Britain comes in second highest, with over 9 million accounts created from that country, and Japan rounds out the top three with over 7 million accounts. If all of these accounts have been compromised, then there’s a 40% chance that an account picked at random could be from the US, almost four times the chances that the account would be from GB. The math fanatics amongst you can work out the rest of the number crunching using the graphic above. Sony has yet to give an exact timeframe for when the network comes up, but hopefully they can keep to their “this week” estimation made on Sunday.