Japanese Holiday Sales Pt. 1: Handheld Hardware Domination

The tail end of April and first week of May are so littered with national holidays in Japan, most folks take the whole week — or dang near it — off work or school. This means good things (read: money) for entertainment industries such as the gaming biz and movie biz, naturally. Shown below are Japan’s hardware sales for April 25 through May 1, which show every single current system getting a sales boost. Well… all except for the PSPgo, which had the one and only decrease.

PSP: 76,974 (last week: 49,162)

3DS: 28,413 (last week: 23,038)

PS3: 23,954 (last week: 19,033)

Wii: 10,889 (last week: 7,866)

DSi LL: 9,235 (last week: 7,064)

DSi: 7,584 (last week: 6,214)

X360: 4,082 (last week: 1,891)

PS2: 1,582 (last week: 1,163)

DS Lite: 319 (last week: 283)

PSP go: 251 (last week: 265)

Check out the Xbox 360 selling more than double last week. Still not a lot but hey, what a jump. The PSP, meanwhile, continues to knock stuff over and casually ask “What?” You might remember the last sales report, which saw it doubling the sales of the second-place system with room to spare. This week, the 6-year-old platform’s sales were more than 250 percent of the 3DS’s.

Notable releases on the system, such as Final Promise Story and Patapon 3, were presumably big parts of the PSP’s huge sales.

Stay tuned for more.