Sony Press Event To Span 5 Hours, Biggest Ever

Over the past few years, E3 press conferences have evolved, increasingly ditching dry sales talks that only an investor would enjoy and embracing the flashy, sometimes star studded, show that a game reveal truly deserves. Each year, Sony has managed to wow fans with huge surprises and breathtaking trailers, all packed into a couple of hours. This year, Sony will be doing something different, due to the huge number of games that are sure to be covered, and a major focus on the NGP, their E3 event will last a record breaking five hours. First up is the conference, and then there’ll be a special event afterwards.

Starting at 5PM (PST) on June 6th, the show will continue all the way until 10PM.

We’ll be there live at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena, covering the entire conference (we’ll be sure to drink a lot of coffee) as well as the “special event” that will kick off immediately after the show.

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