PlayStation Home To Host E3 Press Conference Stream

Before the technological advancements in online video streaming, which only up until recently proved to be a reliable source for live video, gamers were forced to rely on the reporting of online news media or television networks to get close to the excitement of the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Thankfully, Sony is leaving the days of following “live blogs” and hunting for decent, stable video streams in 2010 as the company will be providing PS3 users multiple ways to view all things PlayStation at E3.

Last year, PlayStation Home‘s theater served as a virtual venue for gamers to walk there avatars into for E3 show floor coverage and reruns of the Sony Press Conference, but the news hit a little too late, missing its opportunity to capture a larger crowd. For the first time ever, PlayStation Home users will be able to view the Sony E3 2011 Press Conference live as the event takes place. If virtual attendance is not preferred, the PlayStation Blog is also providing a live video stream on the website as well.

It seems that Sony is attempting to have all bases covered for its own time to shine, which only leaves us aching to find out  what’s in store for the world of PlayStation. Judging by all of the high-profile news lately, this year is the perfect time for Sony to implement such features.