Madden NFL 12 – E3 Preview

The Madden series has been the king of gridiron for quite some time, especially considering that they have had the exclusive NFL license for several years. Madden NFL 12 looks to take things to the next level, in not only the presentation area, but also the gameplay aspect.

The first thing noticed when playing Madden 12 is definitely the emphasis that EA Sports has placed on the presentation aspect of the game. You actually feel as if you are at the game, and it offers many of the animations that you see for your favorite NFL teams. This adds to the authenticity that EA Sports prides itself on when it comes to their sports titles. They have definitely stepped their game up in this department, and true Madden fans will appreciate the time and effort that was placed on this area of the game.

Gameplay wise, there has also been a huge upgrade from Madden 11. One of the newest features you will notice off the bat is how the new collision system has affected the actual movements within the game. Every tackle feels different, along with the broken tackles, catches in the air, etc. It is amazing to see how realistic the rendered players resemble their real life counter parts in both movements and looks.

Franchise veterans will be happy to see that the free agent system has been revamped to a more bidding style that resembles the realism of the free agent period during every NFL year. Tie in the fact that coaches actually make a difference, and that the player performance also changes on a more realistic basis, and we may find ourselves playing the greatest franchise mode in recent memory.

It looks as if this will be another solid year for Madden fans when Madden NFL 12 is released later this year in August, so be sure to give it a look when it hits store shelves.