Vita Game Pricing Shows Major Bang for the Buck

Out of Sony’s near two-hour press conference this year, the announcement of a $249.99 PlayStation Vita was arguably the biggest item of interest. It immediately breathed pressure onto Nintendo, and an intense battle will be soon sure to follow later this year. But what about the games? Good news: GameStop has posted several PlayStation Vita games on their site, and they’re listed at an extremely fair price.

See some proof below:

This puts Vita games at the same price as PlayStation Portable releases, $39.99. Given the technical quality of what we’ve seen from software this far, this is extremely competitive in the current market. It has become evident that Vita games are aiming to deliver console-sized experiences on a handheld. Heck, many of the games look as good or better than their PS3 counterparts, just in a smaller image.

Do you feel that that the pricing of both the console and hardware will help Sony net substantial sales? Share your response in the comments below.