Sonic Generations Level List Leaked

While some hackers are causing financial trouble for game makers that will eventually be passed along to customers, some are actually just looking for information. Such seems to be the case with some guys that glanced into the lines of code making up Sonic Generations, as they may have stumbled upon what is to become the final list of stages.

Combing the demo that just recently arrived on the PlayStation Network, it looks like these are the levels gamers can look forward to (or roll your eyes at, depending who you ask)

  • Green Hill Zone
  • Chemical Plant Zone
  • Sky Sanctuary Zone
  • Speed Highway
  • City Escape
  • Seaside Hill
  • Crisis City
  • Rooftop Run
  • Planet Wisp

There’s also one bit of downloadable content revealed, namely the Casino Night Zone. The leak goes on to list some boss fights:

  • Metal Sonic
  • Shadow
  • Silver
  • “Death Egg”
  • Perfect Chaos
  • Egg Dragoon
  • Boss LastBoss(TimeEater)

The leak has some old-school Sonic fans pretty upset. Take a look at this thread on the Sonic Retro forums for example. But get the kids out of the room before you read it.

At 664 MB, the demo can be downloaded now, but only until July 12.