Final Fantasy XIII-2: More New Screens

Three (profanity removed) days after releasing two (profanity removed) screen shots and a single (profanity removed) piece of artwork, Square (profanity removed) Enix has finally released a substantial amount of images. I mean, it’s still not a whole (profanity removed) lot or anything, but it’s more than two.

They’re also in full English, though that sadly doesn’t stretch beyond a kid saying his own name and another with the line, “Give me a chance and I’ll prove it’s true.” This is no doubt someone in the company totally trolling the media. With articles like Jonny’s recent editorial becoming the voice of the majority, the company does indeed have something to (profanity removed) prove with this game, and needs to bring its (profanity removed) A-game in order to keep its fan base from checking out early. Here are the (profanity removed) screens.

In case you missed them, here are the ones from a few days ago, with a shot of a big monster, a battle shot from the side, and some artwork that could probably be used in a poster or perhaps the back of the box.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is expected to release by the end of 2011.

(profanity removed)