Namco has No Say in Street Fighter X Tekken

With many of Namco’s premier characters being pitted against the top tiers of the Capcom fighting-scene, one would think that Namco would have some sort of input on how their characters are represented—particularly when it took center stage at Sony’s Press Conference and had a huge presence at E3. That would make sense…except that it would be totally wrong.

Yoshinori Ono, Lead Producer on Street Fighter X Tekken, provided some amazing insight in a recent interview published this month. Ono-san made it clear that Namco is on the outside looking in when he said:

The way the deal is structured, Namco has no say in what we are making.

Ono-san then also added:

You guys [PlayStation Magazine] probably have more information right now than they do at Namco.

Early impressions—including my own—confirm that Ono-san and his team are staying faithful to the Tekken control and combo system in many ways; yet introducing a slew of new elements at the same time such as Cole for the PS Vita. Street Fighter X Tekken is breaking all new ground, and Capcom’s in the driver seat. For more information on Street Fighter X Tekken, and more of Yoshinori Ono’s words check out the July issue of The Official PlayStation Magazine on store shelves now.