PSP Comics No Longer Updating, Service Coming to “Other Sony Devices”

Launched back in 2009, the PSP’s Digital Comics Reader grew a loyal consumer base as the library of comics swelled past 4,000. However, if you were a fan of the service, we’ve got some bad news for you – no more comics will be coming to the PSP.

Over on the EU PS Blog, Yaster explained that no more updates would be coming to the PSP:

This is going to be your last comic store update for PSP as the Digital Comics Team are now working on bringing the comic service to other Sony devices.

The “other Sony devices” likely include the PlayStation Vita and possibly even the PS3. The service could also make its way to PlayStation Certified devices such as the Xperia Play and S1 and S2 Sony tablets.

While we’re happy to see the service expand past its PSP roots, it is sad to see that the PSP updates have completely ceased considering the fact that the Vita may not even release until 2012.