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Sony Will be Ending PSP-3000 Repairs in Japan Very Soon

While the PlayStation Portable has been out of the running for a hot minute now, Sony is about to put one more nail into the proverbial coffin. Sony has announced that it will officially end repair services for the PSP-3000 model in Japan on September 30, 2019. Until then, however, people in the region will be able to send your system in, should they need to.

According to Sony, the reason is due to a shortage of necessary repair parts. While it’s unfortunate that Sony must cease its work on this, it’s a sadly unavoidable situation. Should you send in your repair requests prior to September 30th, you’ll have until October 7th to send the device to the PlayStation Clinic. In-person repairs will cease on September 30th, as well.

The 3000 model of the PSP first released in 2008, being the last widely-released model of the Sony handled (we’re not going to talk about the PSP Go here). Though it was eventually succeeded by the PlayStation Vita, the PSP is still fan-favorite for many gamers. While PSP owners will likely still be able to find some way to repair their systems, Sony no longer offering them is definitely a huge blow.

This comes at a time when Sony only recently officially ended production of the Vita in Japan. Unfortunately, Sony has made no indication that it intends to release another handheld system anytime soon, though of course that can change at any point. Between that and Sony ending repair support for the PSP, the future of Sony’s handhelds remain up in the air. It definitely was nice that Sony has been offering repair service for this long, but it still likely hurts that it’s ending.

As a reminder, repairs of the PSP-300 will officially end in Japan on September 30, 2019. Are you still using your PlayStation Portable? Let us know your thoughts on this.

[Source: PlayStation via Siliconera]