Saints Row: The Third Pre-Order Bonus Items are Psychotic

It wasn’t long ago that Saints Row: The Third was announced, and it was quickly recognized as no ordinary sandbox title. The series has been known for being completely over-the-top with both its dialogue and action, and now the third installation will be pushing that franchise-defining quality to a new level. Some have even said that the new Saints Row will make Grand Theft Auto look tame (which is a huge statement), and the pre-order bonus alone fully defends that conjecture.

THQ has revealed the pre-order bonus for Saints Row: The Third, and it’s quite the sight. The Professor Genki Pack will include three fun, unforgettable items which include the Super Ballistic Man-a-pult, “Octopuss” Cannon, and fancy Leisure Stunt Suit all within one bundle. These pre-order incentives let you dress up as an insane rave cat while pestering city inhabitants in the most wicked ways imaginable. See the trailer below:

Saint’s Row: The Third is scheduled to debut on November 15th (which Michael Pachter doubts), so be sure to pre-order before that date if you want some extra insanity to toy with.