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Final Fantasy Type-0 Bumps Chickens, Rocks Theme Song

Square Enix plans to continue its tradition of having mega-popular bands play theme songs for the Final Fantasy series, as we’ve just learned that Japanese super group Bump of Chicken will be rocking the main them of Final Fantasy Type-0 (known as Final Fantasy Rei-Shiki in Japan).

Producer Hajime Tabata went to great lengths to describe the importance of a proper theme song in a game, calling it a “vital component” of a Final Fantasy title. He said he felt like Bump of Chicken could prescribe the pill to cure his ill, and once the band made a demo tape of a new song called “Zero,” he knew he’d struck gold. Glorious, glorious, J-rock gold. Some post-production of course has to be done before the public can sample the song.

Bump of Chicken has been popular in Japan since the mid 1990’s and the group’s songs have appeared in numerous musical arcade games such as Guitar Freaks and Drummania. This won’t be BoC’s first appearance in a video game, as the band’s song “Karma” was used in Namco Bandai’s PS2 RPG Tales of the Abyss. Sample that song here if you like.

Meanwhile, just a few Type-0 screenshots have also made their way out:

Exclusive to Sony PSP, Final Fantasy Type-0 is currently slated to become available on October 13th in Japan.