Tweak Your Save Before Embarking on Mass Effect’s Final Mission

Mass Effect has been hands down one of the most successful new IPs of the generation, and it isn’t just the dynamic dialog, varied gameplay, or awesome story that make it that way either. The way that the game lets you decide what happens during conversations and important events rendered itself extremely useful when the second installment released since you could import your character and his or her personality and design into the new game world. While Mass Effect 3 will include this key feature as well, some people haven’t been happy with their saved games, and many have gone back to replay both releases in order to have a “perfect save” ready for when ME3 releases next year. BioWare has taken note of this, and has decided to let players tweak their import in the final installment of the trilogy.

Due to popular demand, Casey Hudson, Executive Producer of the sci-fi Mass Effect series, has announced that players will be able to edit their imported Commander Shephard before embarking on the epic adventure in ME3. He posted the following on Twitter:

Yes, you will be able to tweak your imported #ME2 character in #ME3.

It is currently unknown how much will be changeable (we’re waiting to hear back from him for more), but it’s almost a guarantee that you’ll be able to edit the look of your character. However, if I was a betting man I’d say they won’t let you change the major decisions in your saves so you have a reason to go back and replay the series for a new outcome.

While we wait for Casey to elaborate on what you’ll be able to tweak, be sure to check out the awesome Mass Effect 3 Collector’s Edition that BioWare revealed a few weeks ago, and double-check to make sure your ME2 save is ready for when ME3 releases on March 6th, 2012.